Inflatable batting cage game

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Inflatable batting cage is a kind of simple baseball game which is designed for common people who like playing baseball. It can also be called inflatable baseball field or golf field, blow up batting cage and inflatable baseball batting cage.

Our Inflatable Batting Cages are both durable and portable. We designed them with convenience in mind. 

The inflatable Baseball Batting Cage has two types, air tight type to be inflated by air pump or inflated by air blower constantly. There is a big difference on price and quality according to the type you choose.

The air tight type inflatable Baseball Batting Cage has high quality, material is 0.6mm 1000D PVC tarpaulin, these heat-sealed batting cages inflate in just 5-10 minutes and once inflated you simply replace the valve and turn off the pump. The heat seal means that you can leave it inflated for an hour or for several days if you’d like. Once done simply deflate, roll up and put away. These cages are made of top-quality materials and are very durable.

Each batting cage is 20 feet long and you can easily add additional 20-foot sections to them to make a 60-foot or 80-foot tunnel as well.

If you choose stitched type, material is Plato 0.4mm PVC tarpaulin, you need make sure the air blower works all the time. There maybe some noise of air blower. But it is also with high quality and can be used for years without repair. Price is lower than air tight type.

Net is Plato 1000D, also good quality.

The Inflatable Batting Cage from Winsun inflatables factory is the answer for every organization that needs extra cage facilities or would like to bring their cage with them on the road. These commercial grade units can also be used at your residence.

We can digital print your logo or slogan on the product, you can tell us the size and shape you need, we can custom made it.

We can manufacture large inflatable batting cage for two teams to have a competition and a special inflatable baseball field for people to practice hitting balls. It’ s very convenient for any place. Even you want to play baseball at home by yourself, you can find one here. I believe your ability to hit the baseball will definitely improve after a period of practice. If your kid also likes playing baseball, you can teach him and compete with him.



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