Big Lobster Water Park Inflatable Slide w/ Pool

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发布于: 2022-08-01 09:48
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The Big Lobster Water Park covers an area of more than3,000 square meters and has many amusement projects, suitable for all ages and safety. After the introduction of this product by domestic and foreign customers, the business is booming. The project is suitable for operation in small and medium-sized cities and areas with large passenger traffic. Quickly recover costs. This project is recommended by our company and is very popular among friends of all sizes. Here we sincerely invite you to join the fast-growing camp.



  • 2022-10-21
    With the development of economy,people’s pursuit of entertainment and leisure is also constantly improving, the children’s amusement market is also constantly growing, children’s inflatable castle has become the popular king in all cities and villages in the country.So, what are the benefits of children playing with inflatable castles? First, exercise the body and balance ability Children’s inflatable castle is generally composed of slides, bounce houses , climbing , etc., children climb, drill, slide and take other continuous exercise in the inflatable castles so that strengthen the body and enhance the physical quality. Besides, they have the single-plank bridge design inside, will exercise the children’s balance ability, enhance the coordination of kids’ body. Second, enhance the interpersonal communication ability Nowadays , with the develop...
  • 2022-10-21
    Inflatable Water Slides The Best selection of inflatable water slides in HEMA Inflatables. Inflatable Water Slides Factory Wholesales in HEMA Inflatables. We are manyufacturer in China, specialize in producing inflatable water slides for birthday parties corporate events, backyard parties, church events, school events. All of the water slides we sell are designed for kids and adults up to 200 pounds. The water slides are designed to have fun, but also be very safe. About To Bounce inflatable‘s comes highly recommended from over 50,000 past customers. We also have 9 year Alibaba account and reviews. If you want to add fun to your party and a waterslide is the best way to do it. We carry 20 different waterslides in stock and have multiples of most. We also have single lane inflatable water slides or dual lanes inflatable water slides, ground water park...
  • 2022-10-21
    Jumping Castle   Inflatable bounce houses are a great way for your children to enjoy their day and burn off that excess energy. If you're looking to purchase one, you're in the right place. To save you time bouncing all over the net looking at options, we have rounded up here fun picks that come in different styles and are perfect for every kids' entertainment. To Set Up Your Inflatables Find some level ground on which to locate the inflatable. Make sure there is enough space for it, plus some extra space around the side to allow for movement.   Make sure this land is free of dirt, debris, stones, low-hanging branches, cables, and anything else that could damage the inflatable. You will also want to check for mud and animal waste. Unroll your bouncy castle so it is completely flat. Attach your blower to the blower tube. Secure the blower in place. You may need...
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